Taxi Zaporozhye

The order of taxi

In spite of the extensive infrastructure of public transport in Zaporozhe and a great amount of cars, taxi service is always popular. People use taxi service when it is impossible to be late.

Advantages in appealing of taxi services

It is very comfortable to use services of legalize taxi.

At first, you can call a car shortly before ride. You can also call a car in one or twenty days and it is called a car reservation. You will get a serviceable vehicle with well-conditioned and clean interior. There are professional and experienced drivers in legal taxi service and they will rapidly and safely take you to the necessary address of Zaporozhe. Cars are equipped with necessary safety facilities including special ambulance box. Professional taxi drivers obligatorily have insurance for life and health of passengers.

There is also open and honest pricing in taxi provider, it means that operator says tariff before ride. Taxi service is confidential, it means that car driver and operator don’t send information for third person about your time and point destination.

Kinds of Meteor services

According to amount of passengers and baggage weight, it can be sedan, wagon or minivan.

There can be distinguished such base services of taxi in Zaporozhe as:

  • twenty-four-hour and timely taxi order;
  • transfer service to airport and railway station;
  • staff delivery;
  • intercity traffic;
  • meeting at railway station or airport in Zaporozhe.

Besides, taxi provider gives other services in Zaporozhe, connected with passenger carriage, including prior consent with customer.

Calling a car from taxi service of Meteor you can be sure that your car will come in time. It helps you to plan a working day and avoid delays on meetings, flights or trains in Zaporozhe.