Taxi Odessa

Meteor taxi Odessa

Odessa taxi specializes on twenty-four-our passenger carriage around Odessa and its region. The order of taxi occurs rapidly and within specified time. There are only professional drivers in the company, they know city very well and able to choose an appropriate way. Autos in Meteor car service always undergo tech inspection, they equipped with system navigation and necessary conditions of comfort. Drivers have a big driving experience (no less than 3 years working experience).

The order of taxi

Taxi in Odessa is a friend for each client. It ensures safety and comfort for passenger carriage. So as to order a taxi, you can call a number 379, which is on the site and in «contacts», or you can leave an application on the site, online order of taxi.

There is a big park of automobiles, essentially foreign models of cars under taxi control. When you order a taxi, operator will tell information about payment. If you order a taxi in online mode it will be displayed.

A list of services in Odessa taxi:

  • passenger carriage;
  • engineering support in road accident;
  • transportation of a small-size freight;
  • VIP categories of taxi;

Taxi services are always popular, that is why there are a lot of different car services in each city. Advantages of Meteor taxi compared to peers:

  • incomparable efficiency and accuracy. Call center operators will rapidly handle an order and sent a car to the point of destination within a short time;
  • a great amount of free cars for clients;
  • Odessa focuses on passenger carriage ten years and as a result the system of customer relations is well-organized;
  • we use modern technologies of pricing, which never rises;
  • new cars always undergo tech inspection and as a result there are no any unexpected breakdowns during riding;

If you don’t want to worry about riding from one part of the city Odessa to another, you can call us. You will find a safe partner in this sphere visiting Odessa. We have a discount system for regular customers.