Taxi Lviv

Lviv taxi

Inhabitants and tourists of Lviv use services of Meteor taxi. Call of Lviv taxi is easy and cozy, because it has only one number 379 of order. Besides Meteor service is available twenty four hour in the city and suburbs.

Meteor taxi provides services of intercity carriages and it also serves weddings. There are comfort conditions of the trip, cultural escort, operators with good manners and flexible prices in this company.

Meteor taxi provides services in carriage of baggage. It’s like a hire van for carriage of furniture to the detached house or new flat, household appliances, delivery of building materials for repair and building. The order of taxi makes a great comfort in carriage of baggage through the city. Carriage of baggage is a big deal; it demands a comprehensive approach of drivers that is why it’s better not to get in touch with doubtful drivers or unofficial taxi services in this city. Besides, when you call a safe Meteor company you can count on support, while choosing an appropriate variant of hire van.

The order of taxi

Price tiers of Meteor taxi service are profitable. It means that ordering a taxi in Lviv, you choose from inexpensive to luxury variant of a car. Cars are equipped with air conditioners, booster chairs, navigators to make your trip comfortable. Meteor taxi provides such services as «sober driver», «expectation» and «wedding carriage».

Taxi in Lviv is a comfortable transport and with the help of it you can arrive to the meeting, restaurant or home in time. With the help of «Meteor taxi» you can call a 579 number and selected car will carry you anywhere.