Taxi Kharkov

Kharkov taxi

The infrastructure in Kharkov develops fast in recent times. And nowadays taxi becomes one of the parts of the city.
«Meteor taxi» is a leader in the delivery of passenger carriage service. Why us? Dialing a 379 number you will make a right decision. Need a taxi in Kharkov immediately? You will get a car for 15 minutes. Won’t you ride with comfort and at a leisurely pace? You will get the best service. Won’t you order a taxi late evening or morning? Driver will be waiting for you to the exact minute.

This little piece of Meteor taxi benefits is the best variant for low-cost trip. You can traverse around Kharkov with comfort and for minimal price. We have only professional drivers in our company; they are experienced and given special training. Our passengers will get comfort and coziness with warm and respect.

We serve clients around Kharkov and region. You can surely and bravely use a taxi during rush hour. Driver will choose a right traffic route and it will not keep you waiting in traffic jam. Or maybe you want drive with your personal route, don’t you? Just let a driver hears and everything will be done.

You have a lot of stuffs, don’t you? This is also not a problem. Point about it, calling 379 number and you will get a large car within a short time. If you need to come in different places, taxi car will wait for you for extra charge. Use it with maximum comfort and feedback.

Besides, for our part we guarantee a lot of other things. You shouldn’t worry about safety. If you are late driver will rapidly deliver you to the point of destination. We ensure you that drivers keep clean in car interior. Don’t worry about it! Taxi operator says a tariff. Don’t pay money for strange people who call themselves taxi drivers. Use Meteor taxi and chive on.

The order of taxi in Kharkov

You can order a taxi with the help of any operator, dialing only one Ukrainian 379 number. If it is necessary, you can call with the help of landline phone number. You can make online order of taxi with the help of the site, because it is comfortable. If you have some wishes about your car, please let us know and we will do everything for you within a short time.

“The order of Meteor taxi” is your choice. Dialing a 379 number with the help of your mobile phone, you will ride round Kharkov with comfort and without negative emotions. We have already won confidence of inhabitants in Kharkov during 10 years. Join us! Meteor taxi is a combination of price and comfort. You will not regret.