Taxi Odessa

Admissions of a drivers’ recruitment

You should have:

Medical certificate


Identity number

Technical passport for car

Driver license

Mobile phone with Internet

Requirement: good knowledge of the city

Admission fee: 0 UAH

Advanced payment job, there is possibility of replenishment through terminals

Execution of contract about rendering of information services

Transmission fee: 35 UAH (with taxi sign) and 60 UAH (without taxi sign).

Realizing more than 60 of our orderings during reportable week, our orderings are recounted pre 8 %

There is order exchange in our company

(048) 798-01-00 Aleksey

(068) 352-88-88 Anna

Admissions of dispatch operators’ recruitment

Requirements for admission:

— Good knowledge of the city

— Advanced computer skills

— No less than 1 year working experience

(068) 352-88-88 Anna