Taxi Kiev

Meteor taxi offers drivers for a job with personal cars. Our service contains a large list of regular customers. It also provides safe job conditions for its employees and safety for fulfillment of an order!

The task of a driver is car serving to necessary place for passenger and passenger’s carriage to the point of destination.

Admissions of a driver for a job in «Meteor» taxi

You should have driver license, registration certificate and passport by yourself.

Telephone which has a mobile Internet, any android beginning with 4 version.

The payment of support for the programme. It costs 2 UAH.

8% payment of our orders and 12% of partners’.

Pre charge job.

Without necessary orders.

Str. Avtozavodskaya, 25A. We work From Monday through Friday, from nine to six o’clock.

Sergey (063) 125 42 98 «Not for taxi ordering»

Dispatch operator job

Our clients expect well-timed fulfillment of an order, loyalty, quality and available prices. The first step in taxi Meteor service begins from order receiving by dispatcher service. Operator communicates with customer on behalf of the company. Attentiveness and professionalism create a positive impression about the company! Operator should remember that her\his mood influences on clients that is why the creation of friendly atmosphere is the main factor which influences on quality of dispatcher service in Meteor taxi!

The task of an operator is to provide car selection and delivery in time, including necessary model and class of car for client and also amount of passengers. When we accept employees for a job, we provide them with loyal and comfort conditions.

Admissions of a dispatch operator for a job in «Meteor» taxi

Knowledge of the city

Computer knowledge

Speed dialing on computer

12-hour working day

Victoria (093) 934-99-99

Meteor taxi is a dispatch operator of Kyiv

Staff recruitment is a key element in Kyiv’s job. Professional staff provides effective operational commitment and company activity in whole! Friendly atmosphere and professionalism of our team is our brand identity.

The company will take elected candidates on the staff with all comfort conditions as soon as possible! Our HR department will acquaint you with additional information taking on the staff.