Taxi Ivano-Frankivsk

Ivano-Frankovsk taxi

Long-distance trips of Meteor taxi in Ivano-Frankovsk joys clients and this comfortable and cozy taxi will deliver you to the point of destination.

If you value a time, taxi services in Ivano-Frankovsk are profitable and interesting. Cars in taxi company Meteor are waiting for you twenty-four-hour. They will quickly and accurately deliver their passengers to the point of destination.

Using services of professional taxi in Ivano-Frankovsk you don’t need to warm up a car, worry about difficulties of parking and undertake all problems of petrol station or service of car. The trip will become an interesting and entertaining meeting in comfort and clean taxi car with experienced driver.

The order of taxi

We pay attention for preparation of the staff and repair of transport equipment. Car-drivers are qualified and know city very well. But modern claims for taxi order includes politeness, qualified preparation, and delicacy of a driver and if necessary driver will help client with baggage and check seat belt to be fasten.

If you need to convey a child, there is a special child’s seat, which suits with size and style. Comfortable cars in Ivano-Frankovsk will manage with carriage of children and ensure safety for clients.

Some people say, that personal car is an expensive taste. But public transport though not always suits for little children, old people or people with ill health. And it is hard to carry travel bags in a bus. In such situations, Meteor taxi in Ivano-Frankovsk will help you; it will come in time and to the right address. It will be the best transport for you. Gentle drivers will carefully meet you at the railway station, hospital, they will help you to come back home from holiday banquet or late conference and care about your baggage for reasonable rate.