Dnepr Taxi

Dnepropetrovsk taxi

When people find themselves in unfamiliar city they call taxi. There are also different life situations when it is necessary to call this kind of transport. The service of Dnepropetrovsk taxi is wide-spread and popular. There are near twenty companies specialized on passenger carriages, cargo carriages, providing car evacuation service in the city. Meteor taxi in Dnepropetrovsk serves clients in the city and its region.
Meteor taxi provides such services as:

«Nanny car». Driver can deliver a child to specified address and hand over to parents or grandmother. If it is necessary driver will wait for child from the school, training or swimming pool.
«Courier» provides delivering of clients stuffs to the point of destination in time.

Clients can choose reasonable propositions of economy class automobiles and the cost for one kilometer is minimal or they can choose elite/VIP tariffs. Ambitious clients can even choose vehicle brand. There is billboard for newcomers on the railway station of the city, where you can see telephone numbers of Dnepropetrovsk taxi services. So it is better not to use services of illegal taxi drivers, but ask for official Meteor company. There is regular tech inspection in car fleets. Only serviceable and clean vehicles are admit to work and drivers are experienced, they know city well and don’t ride in traffic jams. Taxi cars are equipped with Wi-Fi for clients’ comfort that is why you can mind your affairs during trip.

The order of taxi in Dnepropetrovsk

You can make an order of taxi in Dnepropetrovsk with the help of phone, online form of taxi order on the site, besides callings are free. There are bonuses for regular customers and these bonuses make discount when you pay for your ride. You can pay with cash or there is non-cash payment for corporate customers. Taxi service of Dnepropetrovsk always gains efficiency and satisfaction of clients’ requirements and providing of services.