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Business taxi for corporate customers

In nowadays such service as business taxi is popular among entrepreneurs, companies and it is necessary resource of help for business conferences with foreign partners and colleagues. If we consider business taxi services in Kyiv, we can say that «Meteor taxi» is on the same level with foreign systems of carriages in the most development countries of the world.

Business taxi for corporate customers fixes a transport problem in transportation of our business partners. The development of business is not only good working skill with quality and development, but it is also accuracy. Business taxi «Meteor» will leave a positive impression in your memory! We guarantee all our corporate customers accuracy and good mood with the help of our professional service! Each corporate customer will be served with individual attention (it includes choosing of a car, directions).

Business taxi for corporate business of «Meteor Taxi»

Clear developed partner program of corporate customers’ service has a lot of preferences, such as:

• good organization;

• providing of business trips at a very high level;

• a great choice of business class cars;

• choosing of the most convenient route;

• aesthetic and perfect tech condition of car fleet.

We work for you, creating favourable terms! You will be impressed with duty performance of our friendly team!

Business class taxi is comfortably! It will be enough to dial the 379 number, choose a model of car and think about the amount of people you meet (it is for calculation for necessary amount of cars). As for example, if the whole delegation of partners with 15 members comes to you, our operator will create not only a plan of moving, but coordinate actions of drivers’ staff due to your schedule.

If for example it is necessary to transport these people more than one during the day:

• the first transportation is from airport to hotel (for guests’ location);

• the second transportation is from hotel to company and next order, which you establish.

So when you need a taxi not once a day, our team of professionals will coordinate action plan and route!

There is also a service of documents’ transportation in our company.

Business taxi Kyiv tariffs for corporate business

Our tariffs system is available for everyone! You can pay with cash or non-cash payment. Non-cash payment is very practical for making charges on your enterprise (It makes a work of your economists easy, when they make a cost breakdown).

Business class taxi in our car fleet in Kyiv

Your trip, which is ordered in our company, will become one of the pleasant events of your day. While our car fleet has such opportunities as:

• cars are always in good repair;

• luxury passenger compartment has always a perfect view;

• you will get an opportunity to isolate yourself from outside environment (e.g. after hard flight) and get to the point of destination full of strength and energy.

Order a car in «Meteor Taxi» and you will get a comfort ride with the help of business taxi around Kyiv.